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Sofi’s Magical Adventure / Las adventuras de Sofi


Sofi’s Magical Adventure is a 25 minute bilingual musical puppet performance based on Raquel M. Ortiz’s bilingual children’s picture book Sofi and the Magic, Musical Mural. 

Join Sofi exploring public art, imagination, and the Puerto Rican cultural tradition of Carnival as Sofi visits beautiful places on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and gets to know the carnival character, a vejigante. And, sing along, in Spanish and English, (and maybe even dance) to bouncy plena music created by four time Grammy nominated composer William Cepeda. 

The production of Sofi’s Magical Adventure was made possible thanks to a generous 2020 MAEF Cleveland Foundation grant. 

Enjoy a sneak peek to the Sofi’s Magical Adventure soundtrack 


  1. Tic-Tock
  2. ¿Adón-de voy? Aquí estoy!
  3. La plena de San Antón
  4. Toco-toco, toco-toco 
  5. Vejigante está pintao’ 
  6. Vejigante mío
  7. Temporal
  8. Yo sé lo que ví  
  9. La plena nos deja contar
  10. Vejigante quiere volar
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